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Flash Mob Held At Gun Point

The Chronicles have learned this morning at last evening a Flash Mob of five people were entertain the customers and passers by at Creamy Centres and the Plaza area, when a Grecian looking man was suddenly ordered to his knees at gunpoint.

Terrified witnesses claim the woman who was in plain clothing pulled out her gun, informing the male at she was from LAPD. We are this women went as far as pushing the male face down on to the ground and handcuffing him before she seemed to engage in a phone conversation with someone. During which the female seemed to become agitated, one witness reported hearing her tell whoever the caller was to "just leave me the fuck alone" After which the man was uncuffed and fled the scene. The witnesses say that the man informed her they were just a flash mob hired to entertain people.

A confused and frightened owner come over to ask the supposed cop what was going on and was told "Its nothing, just carry on with your business Sir"

We are told several of witnesses took video footage of the incident.

This morning I contacted SRPD and spoke to Chief Azariah Brentt. Chief Brentt informed me "We will of course be investigating this incident rest assured. And would ask for anyone with video footage to send it us. The officer claiming to be LAPD is nothing to do with us. It seems she was off duty and she no jurisdiction in Santa Ramona Valley."

When asked if he knew who this officer was he said "I have a suspicion but I decline to make any further assumptions until we have had chance to view the footage of the scene and speak to witnesses"

I then asked the Chief if that meant he knew what this was all about. "I have no more idea than you do, again give us the chance to carry out our investigations and hopefully we can come up with some answers, until then we would very much like to speak to Grecian looking male the witnesses described and who seems of fled." Chief Brentt declined answer any further questions at this time.

Chronicles will of course keep you updated on this story. When we have more information.