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Fire Lights up Imperial Avenue

A fire consumed a disused commercial space located on Imperial Avenue. The location was right next to the SRV Studios, a media and movie production establishment. There have been two fires in the week previous and this third fire has left the city wondering if the work of an arsonist is at play.

The SRFD were quick to respond and within the hour were able to contain and then eliminate the fire which posed a considerable threat as the structure that had caught fire was open, without a roof and the flames were able to carry easily but fortunately the fire department were able to put the fire out without it spreading to nearby structures.

"Dispatch relayed the call at around 7pm SLT an' a police Officer near the scene also reported it. We are now conductin' an investigation but so far -if this was indeed a fire started intentionally- we do not see any reason why somebody would want to burn this space down other than for their own enjoyment. " SRFD Chief Rousseau stated.

"I can reveal somebody was arrested at the scene on suspicion of starting the fire but we still need to conduct our investigation and hand our findings over to the SRPD an' we'll see whether there is a link to all three fires if at all." The Chief added.

No fatalities were reported and the only injury treated was a broken finger for one police officer of the two involved in the arrest of the suspect. The area had been evacuated by SRFD and barriers were set up along the roads as the crew worked to put out the fire.

The first fire originated in a trailer on Shanty Street and the second in another domestic abode on Shady Street, this third is just a street beyond the second fire's origins. There may or may not be connections but as of yet there has not been much information released to the public however with the arrest of a suspect, details may not be too far behind.

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