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Explosive Fire Burns Three North Side Buildings

One of the largest ever blazes to happen in the city yet to date occurred yesterday on the evening of the 23rd January 2022. A caller rang up 911 emergency services dispatcher to inform them of a series of explosions, claiming that she had heard two before witnessing a huge fire break out in the North side, approximately at three locations- Food Hole grocery store, a vacant residential apartment complex, 55 Imperial Boulevard as well as lastly, Creamy Centers coffee shop.

The SRFD were on scene within minutes on Imperial Boulevard with EMS setting up triage on Grove Road, not far from City Hall. Casualties were none with only one severely injured clerk who had been caught up in the explosion and subsequent fire at Food Hole, being treated for life threatening injuries at the General Hospital on North side.

"There were very few witnesses. We arrived and we set up to work the scene on one of the worst fires I've personally seen in this city but we very fortunately did not find anybody dead or severely injured besides one young clerk who is currently in the hospital.

We evacuated the immediate area and residences and our crew have now restored gas and electrics to the neighborhood which we had shut down for safety's sake upon arrival. There are several questions surrounding this incident---including why this happened but an investigation is being carried out. We will urge the public to keep a safe distance from these buildings as they are badly damaged, we have placed barriers to enclose the area so we encourage the public to stay away and stay safe." FD Chief Rousseau stated to the Santa Ramona Chronicles.

The fires swept through all three buildings and have left them out of commission. One of them, an empty apartment complex will likely be replaced by another building as realty in the city's North side is highly desirable. Meanwhile, residents complain of their local grocery store being the target of what is widely being rumored to be an arson attack.

"The hell they want to burn a f****ng grocery store for? If you can't afford this area, stay the f**k out!" One woman who wanted to remain anonymous spoke out to the Chronicles.

"Likely somebody with a thing against commerce--neo marxists? Was it a protest against expensive rentals by ruthless landlords and upscale grocery and botique coffee shops?" Another resident speculated, "Things are pretty damn pricey here, not saying it was South siders but...if I was them I'd be unhappy too."

The SRFD however are remaining tight lipped about whether or not this may have been acts of bombings and arson which will meanwhile drive up the rumors behind the potential motives of why such alleged attacks would take place here, in the North side.