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Explosion and Fire in Rookery Road

An explosion rocked Rookery Road and a blaze ensued at the Mancino Funeral and Cremation Parlor Friday afternoon at about 1:35pm.

The SRFD were quick to respond, evacuating the area which has high density, buildings both commercial and residential in close proximity to one another.

SRFD Chief Dimitri Rousseau spoke about the fire to The Chronicles:

"Boozies Liquor Store righ' next door-- highly flammable all around eh? This was a very high risk scenario with all the chemicals involved in a funeral parlor an' a liquor store right next door addin' to volatility. I'm very happy we worked quickly to hold a defensive line an contain the fire before goin in hard on it in the interior, later. We have

restored gas an electric in the area after it was temporarily shut down earlier due to the

fire. A fire investigation will be launched an' we will see what that turns up in terms of origin an' cause, for now I can't say much more than that."

A resident in the trailer park opposite to the business spoke to the Chronicles about how the ground had virtually 'shook' as the explosion struck, her trailer windows shattering from the impact of the blast.

"These windows goddamn cheap an' flimsy. You know they'd be the first thing to bust. My front door too, it's swingin' off it's hinges. Not that there's anythin I got worth stealin.

But anyhow, yeah, there was a strong smell before the place went Boom! I was out on my porch an I smelled somethin bad. Gassy. The smoke coverin' it up but I can pick it up some still even now, they usin' a whole load of different chemicals in that parlor, I don't know what exactly but yeah hell, I thought I might get high, no such luck."

The parlor was recently subject to a police search and arrest by the SRPD and it's owner Mr Mancino had been released from jail just a day prior, the warrant invalidated by the Judge Gil T Justice of Santa Ramona law court.

Boozies and other businesses in the area and residences were faring well thanks in part to the rapid response of the SRFD who were able to commute quickly from their firehouse on Dusty Trails road, about a few minutes away. The only real devastation seems to have struck the parlor.

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