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Demolition After Destruction

Demolition work was carried out today on the three sites in North side, Imperial Avenue which had been affected by explosions and fire last week.

The demolition of Food Hole, a convenience and grocery store, 55 Imperial Building, a residential apartment mixed use complex and also Creamy Centers coffee shop began in the early afternoon and carried on till later with a few passers by stopping to watch as Rousseau's Construction company carried out the demolition work.

The three affected areas have been the subject of an arson investigation carried out by the SRFD who have to perform a fire investigation every time a fire occurs, covering potential causes and origin. The investigation report is then turned over to the SRPD who make use of any useful information in order to pursue the case.

So far both departments have kept quiet about any potential leads in what has been described as one of the largest fires to have struck the city. Rumors however have been circulating that the fire was planned and that the gas mains in the area had been

tampered with and that it was intentionally instigated although reasoning remains unclear.

Bids however have started on the land as the city has opened up the plots for commercial purposes in this expensive and affluent area of the city, the location prime real estate which provides access to the beach front and pier as well as other local businesses, with the SRPD and City Hall across the road within short walking distance.

No major developers are rumored to be behind any of the bids so far and this may quash any potential idea that the buildings were intentionally destroyed with realty in mind and profit.

The North side of Santa Ramona is not unfamiliar with instances of crime and violence, but this particular stretch has been largely considered a safe area, located as it is close to the city's main square and tourist booth and vehicle zone as well as being close by to other businesses and the large beach side homes of the affluent echelons that reside in this part of the city.

The section is usually quite busy and so it is surprising that witnesses have been few and far between but with the city pressing forward to rebuild, residents are curious to see what it is that will replace the three buildings.

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