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Dear Ami :: July Edition::

Thank you to all my fans that have written to me over the course of the month, I hope you find comfort in my advice. I am proud to present my first edition of Dear Ami.

Dear Ami,

I, (?? y..o.) male, just don't know what to do. It seems as if I'm always distracted. Visions of madness and sins of the flesh seem to take me every moment that I'm awake. When I see them walking about it's as if they're teasing me with such an alluring dance. Every movement a small unknowing vexing dance that captivates me. More than anything I seek to control, like caging a beautiful songbird.

What's truly beautiful is to hear their begging, crying, and pleading cries that eventually betray them, just like their bodies betray them. Every movement, every motion, turns from resistance to obedience slowly within my grasp. It's so tantalizing.

My problem is... I always want more, like feeding a burning roaring blaze within me. It never seems to be enough and so much control. To think... if you had felt it once, that complete immaculate power over another... what would you give it up for? A moment in a cell, a month, a year, a lifetime? The problem is you could never give it up once you've tasted it. It intoxicates you and flows through your veins like a sickeningly sweet poison.

Forever wanting,

A new fan,

Sinister Desires.

Dear Sinister Desires,

It is uncertain if you are being serious, or speaking metaphorically, but in either case, it would seem you have way too much idle time on your hands. I’d highly suggest you get a pet, a young one (such as a kitten) that will consume your time. Take your time walking it, feeding it, training it—focus your attention on something constructive to help ease the carnal lust that you feel is consuming you.