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Current Mayoral Proposal Results October 2022

These proposals were created and sent for review by Deputy Mayor Andrew "Andi" Smith.

Hearing Protection Act (CA, 2022)

Encourage de-regulation of suppressors to bring us in-line with the rest of the country.Suppressors, colloquially called 'Silencers', do not in fact reduce the sound of a gunshot to silent, stealthy levels; In fact, most modern suppressors reduce the sound of a gunshot by an average of 30-40db, which brings them down from around 160 to 120 decibels. This is still an incredibly loud sound. However, California has clung to the idea that these safety devices, primarily used worldwide to protect the hearing of shooters and those adjacent to shooters engaged in lawful activities, are primarily tools of assassins and gangsters. Put simply; Criminals have no problems using suppressors in our city, and all their restriction does is limit the availability to law-abiding citizens, leading to hearing damage and loss when engaged in lawful activity.

I am suggesting one of two options; Either A) Complete deregulation of suppressors, treating them like any other firearm purchase - Allowing them to be purchased by any citizen over the age of 21 who may legally own a firearm. Or, B) Permission to purchase these components as NFA items, in line with current federal standards, requiring enhanced background checks and 200 dollar tax stamps, et cetera.NonePro:

- Hearing protection helps reduce number of injuries from ruptured eardrums

- Reduces doctor's visits for tinnitus

- Minimizes possibility of hearing damage to bystanders in event of a lawful shooting

- Minimizes possibility of hearing damage to shooter in event of lawful shooting


- Possibility of increased suppressor use in criminal activity

Adjust restrictions on Suppressors to match that of the rest of the country; Requiring NFA approval/Tax Stamp for purchase.

California Governor & State Panel Response: Safety is a primary concern in allowing the use of suppressors in this state. The panel believes the hearing issues that result from a loud gunshot blast to be less likely to happen versus an uptick in crime due to quieter gunshots which will be more likely.

Result: Declined

Neighborhood Watch Expansion (CA 2022)

Better enable individuals to engage in localized surveillance and 'Observe and Report' behaviors, particularly to cover gaps in regular policing.This proposal would set aside funds for the establishment of 'Neighborhood Watch' organizations in underserved communities, providing training and safety equipment to those who would wish to organize watches for crime in their communities. Primary focus is on the acquisition and dispensation of Citizen Band (CB) radios, lighting equipment, and manuals on safe watch procedures.Per person:

Radio - 45$

Flashlight - 20$

FM 3-98, Reconnaissance and Security Operations - Free, approximately 5 dollars if printed.Pro:

- Increased engagement of citizenry with their own communities

- Projected reductions in crime due to increased foot-traffic of underserved areas

- Increased interest in radio communications may lead to additional pushes for shortwave licensing


- Increased CB traffic may lead to minor irritation for other users. However, local CB channels are used only minimally.

Deputy Mayor Andrew Nathaniel Smith - No response from Mayor Stone as of 09/21/22, assuming lack of comment/complaint indicates approval

California Governor & State Panel Response: A neighborhood watch expansion would be ideal for areas where neighborhoods do not have the possibility of frequent police patrols. Such areas in this county might include "Southside". The panel believes a neighborhood watch is reasonable to enact, however one individual must head up the watch operation as well as provide a full written instruction booklet and signature page approved by the mayor and local chief of police which potential watchers must sign. Neighborhood watch standards include: No authority over potential crime-doers. Neighborhood watchers must inform the police and take reasonable evidence of a crime in progress i.e pictures or video of act in place clearly shown. There is already a current neighborhood watch program in the city appr