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Community In The City

[Brother Langham is a Priest at Santa Ramona's Mission Church located off Dusty Trails road. He is a Brother of the Franciscan Order and writes articles about systemic injustice as well as the issues and challenges society faces.]

The Mission is an old Church left behind from Conquistador times and functions I imagine, in the same ways it always has in the past while in contrast with the city that it serves- the demographic of this city has changed from what it was like in the past and it will continue to fluctuate and change very likely into the future as it is in the present.

There are residents of this city who were born here and have lived here all of their lives, others who have lived here for a long time after uprooting from some other home, some have newly arrived. All hail from different cultural backgrounds, genders, orientations, professions and faiths.

The Mission keeps its doors open for all of these residents, permanent residents, lawful transplants, illegal immigrants. Our concern is to foster and nurture a sense of community within this great city.