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City of Santa Ramona Welcomes Puragyn Corporation

Santa Ramona Valley welcomes its newest establishment, The Puragyn Corporation, to its gracious shores.

Puragyn Corp was formed in 2010 as a small research lab before its founder, Bastienne Baroque, a twenty-seven-year-old affluent Manhattanite with two doctorates under her belt, made numerous breakthroughs in the fields of genetics and pharmacology.

After a serious car accident in 2016 which resulted in the loss of her left leg, Dr. Baroque has since made extensive advancements in the field of Bioengineering, finding the decision to branch into the field a more personal quest to help those in similar situations. She is living proof that one can be elegant, enigmatic and engineered, all at the same time.

Dr. Baroque has also expressed her excitement to begin her chapter of ‘Surrogate Seraphs’, a charity that advocates for children who have genetic, rare or undiagnosed disorders, here in the Valley.

“I believe all children deserve to be children, without judgment,” she said in a recent interview with The Chronicles. Relaxed and comfortable over a champagne and lobster lunch, our reporter and Dr Baroque talked for what seemed hours, though she appeared to do most of the listening. In reserved fashion, she thought very carefully before answering our questions, and we found her to be truthful despite the inability to gage any emotion in her eyes which were uniquely mismatched. The Chronicles discovered that Dr. Baroque also suffers from Complete Heterochromia, a rare disorder where a person’s irises are different colors.

“If I have the skills to prevent disease and disfigurement before they can begin, then I will do so despite the outcry from those who claim that I am using this platform to put myself on the same level as God.”

When asked how she felt about the accusation that she was, indeed, wielding godlike power when it came to reprogramming the genetic sequences of unborn children, Dr. Baroque had this to say:

“Does not the ability to heal also come from God?”

Her mechanical leg, which is of her own design, whirred softly as she crossed it over her right, and she proceeded to watch our reporter openly as though they were a specimen of sorts.

One could argue that her stance on the matter borders on heresy. The irony, however, is that the new Puragyn lab is built right across the street from our neighborhood church.

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