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Charity Auction At Coastal Shipping Makes A Splash For A Good Cause

A large crowd of some of the wealthiest citizens in Santa Ramona Valley gathered at Southside’s Coastal Shipping Warehouse, owned by Vico Mancino of Mancino Funeral Home, for an afternoon of bidding on the unknown, all in the name of charity. Several unclaimed shipping containers from the small enough to be carried in your hand, to the large enough to ship via semi, were up for grabs at the highly anticipated event. Eight containers made their way to the auction block, the smallest six of them were bid on silently, while the two large-sized containers went to an exciting round of public auction. The bids climbed up higher and higher, until the final amounts were shouted out and the winners walked away with their spoils, yet it was the charity that was the big winner of the day.

Vico Mancino, a citizen of Santa Ramona Valley who owns both Coastal Shipping and the only funeral home in town, Mancino Funeral Home, put on the event last Saturday. While he could have stood to profit greatly from unclaimed shipments that tend to happen in that sort of business, Mr. Mancino decided to put those funds to a charity that helps an overlooked need in most people’s lives. The need to be put to rest in a compassionate, respectful way without causing more grief and harm to families that cannot afford to do so. “All proceeds will go to the Obolus Foundation, a charity effort to support families and persons in need with funeral costs for themselves or loved ones. Taking the last journey in dignity seems to be a matter of course, but for many the costs of even a simple funeral or cremation is impossible to carry, adding another layer to the grief that the loss of a loved one already brings. The Obolus Foundation ensures access to relief funds to grant anyone that last journey they deserve, without themselves or their loved ones being forced to worry about something as trivial as money. The Obolus Foundation was brought to life by Mancino Funeral & Cremation, and focuses its effort where it is needed; in the south of Santa Ramona. Working closely with the Homeless Shelter ‘Sanctuary’ and the Southside Clinic, it is ensured that those who are in need will have easy access to this charity effort. If you are interested in supporting Obolus further, either via donations or with partnerships please contact Vico Mancino ((Xyxis Resident))” explained the undertaker and newly appointed Coroner for Santa Ramona Valley during the auction.

While the message of the charity was a grimly serious one, the fun of the event was not lost on the participants. The silent auction garnered a lot of attention, a true testament to the old adage ‘the best things come in small packages’ one of the smallest boxes netted a large $15,000 bid and the winner is now the owner of a set of four original, certified Faberge eggs. Other items in the silent auction: an authentic bear rug - $5,000; assorted leather gear and BDSM toys - $10,000; professional greenhouse set - $25,000; new microwave - $18,000; four bottles of medium tier Scotch - $2,500. The true excitement was the live auction bidding for the two large containers, our charitable citizens did not disappoint as the bids drove up fast. Not to be outdone, numbers were pushed from mere single thousands to six figures fast. One container with the parts and pieces to two vintage airplanes sold at an alarming $210,000! The other large container, which kicked off the live auction, was concluded at a price of $100,000. The contents? 50,000 blow-up sex dolls from China, we’re sure the owner is thrilled with his donation to the Obulus Foundation, no matter the contents.

All in, the charity auction raised $405,000 for a worthy and overlooked charity that will help many families in Santa Ramona Valley. The usual steps for a person that dies without leaving behind those that can care for their remains is a sad journey. One that children, parents, siblings, family, and friends find difficult in a time that is already marred with such loss. The Obolus Foundation seeks to respect the dead and allow the living that grieves for their loss, the dignity they all deserve. With the charitable amounts given by our citizens of the Valley and the selfless work by Vico Mancino to see to the needs of our less fortunate citizens, many families will sleep a little easier knowing that they are cared for, even in their loss.