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Caught In The Storm- Santa Ramona City Unified?

((Brother Wyatt Langham is a Priest at Santa Ramona Mission Church and a Brother of the Franciscan Order. He writes pieces on social injustices and the issues challenges society faces.]

The great cyclone storm that swept up the city of Santa Ramona for the last past few days is finally tapering off and today its citizens are only now being allowed to move outside with calmer winds prevailing, cautiously re-entering their homes and taking stock of the substantial damage the city has suffered from.

This city is facing down a destructive and chaotic storm, nature's own brute and terrible force. During this period, we are seeing the brave men and women of the Fire Department come forward to provide aid and service of the city through EMS, disaster relief efforts and rescue and clear up operations, not to mention our cities police department ensuring the law be maintained and helping with safety of civilians.

Our local businesses such as The Cortez and Motel NoTell opened their doors to residents of the city in their time of need.

City Hall was the main point of relief efforts with bedding, bunks and food and water provided by the FD's Disaster Relief program and resources, under management of City Commissioner Jay Stone.

Residents were evacuated and the city waited out the worst the storm brought down on the city, with subways and buildings flooding, even streets. Billboards have come undone and electric lines are damaged, power is out and buildings and roads are in disarray, palm trees have fallen and lay heavy on the roads.


The bricks have fallen down,

But we will rebuild with smooth stones;

The sycamores have been cut down,

But we will replace them with cedars.” [Bible verse Isiah 9:10]

The city is not defeated and we are one. We are each other's best hopes of surviving the storm. United we will get back to normal faster and stronger. We cannot give in to chaos and unlawfulness and we must strive to work together to keep us all safe and alive. The municipality, the local businesses, the Mission Church and all of our residents who have been helping are showing the city what can be done when people are united and work for the betterment of one another.

We will return brighter, better and stronger tomorrow.