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Bullets and Blood at Imperial Pier

A torrent of bullets erupted on Santa Ramona Valley’s own boardwalk pier on Imperial this evening between several parties, though names are currently not being released it is said it was a family dispute between citizens of the Valley. Local law enforcement has declined to make a statement on the details of this occurrence as the investigation is pending. One woman was reported taken to the hospital in critical condition. Currently the suspects are being held without bail at the Santa Ramona Valley Sheriff’s Department jail. SRC will update this story as it progresses.


NEWS UPDATE! SRPD Releases a Press Statement

On the Evening of January 4th SRSD attended an active shooter incident on the Boardwalk pier in North Santa Ramona. They were later assisted by PD personnel.

The indent involved three people. One Male and Two females. Shots were fired at the Deputies who returned fire, when the people failed to comply with their orders. Both the females we injured, one seriously.

While attempting to secure him, the Male become violent towards the Deputies and was eventually tazed after he failed to comply and Battered a Deputy.

All three were placed under arrest.

EMT's had already been called to the scene to deal with the injured and arrived promptly.

The most seriously injured were taken to SRGH for medical attention, where they remain in custody under police guard. The other two were taken to SD jail.

No names are able to be released as an investigation into the incident is still on going.

The Deputies on scene were all wearing a body cameras.

The Deputies involved in the shooting were both experience and seasoned members of the department. They have been placed under an Internal Affairs Investigation with SRV Court as per normal procedure in these situations and are on restricted duties, while this investigation takes place. In line with safety procedures and protocol the names of the Deputies involved are not being released at present and no further information will be released by the Santa Ramona Sheriff's Department at this time.

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