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Bomb Squad comes to North Side

Ken Dolle

City Hall and Wolfe's Tavern were evacuated Saturday afternoon. Police were at a scene at Grove Rd on Saturday morning outside Wolfe's tavern. Its believe it was simply driving infraction that took a rather dramatic turn when the suspect pulled out a hand grenade and threaten the Officer on scene with it. More Officers raced to the scene as back up. The suspect then got out of the trunk of the car and revealed a whole box of similar grenades.

“A threat was mad to detonate them.” Deputy Chief Brentt informed us. “The Officer on scene was not certain if the suspect still had the grenade with her as she abruptly exited the vehicle. But she was displaying signs of intoxication, and had repeated failed to comply with orders. When a threat was made to detonate the 'box' of grenades if the Officers did not back off and then started to try and flee the scene. One Officer opened fire in order to prevent a significant threat to life to the public and other officers on scene. Two shots were discharged. Its believe the suspect was hit as there was blood trail leading from the scene. She however managed to run and get away before we could peruse her.” Deputy Chief Brentt added.

The Bomb Squad were brought in to deal with the grenades that turned out to be dude Vietnam era replica's. “The grenades were extremely realistic looking, even the Bomb Technician's took some time to asses if they were real or not. We do not believe the officers on scene could have had any way to know if they were dealing with live explosives or not. They did the right thing in treating them as a significant threat to life and evacuating the nearby businesses. A semi automatic rifle and stolen items were also found in the car, which was also reported stolen in Michigen ” Deputy Chief Brentt “We have units out all over the city to find the suspect, who believe might well be injured and in need of medical attention. The suspect has been identified by us as a former Law Enforcement Officer we do not know if she has any more grenades or explosives with her, but we are asking anyone who has any information to come forward. At this point we do not know why she had the replica grenades or what she planned on doing with them, but his suspect needs to be in custody before some real damage is done.” Deputy Chief Brentt stated. “We apologise for the inconvenience the evacuations and road closures might of caused, but the safety of the public is the most important thing.

The Fire Dept was put on standby to provide both medical support of it had been required. Fortunately neither was needed and they were stood down.

The suspect is described as; Female, of average height, white skinned, with long blond hair, she was last seen wearing dark coloured top and light pants and believe she may be injured. We are informed the bomb squad performed a controlled detonation of the box of grenades in case any of the were live, and moderate cloud of dust was seen rising from the area.

The Officers on scene were wearing a body cameras.

The Officers involved are all experience and seasoned members of the department. The Officer involved in the shooting has been placed under an Internal Affairs Investigation with SRV Court as per normal procedure in these situations and is on restricted duties, while this investigation takes place. In line with safety procedures and protocols the name of the Officer involved are not being released and no further information will be released by the Santa Ramona Police Department at this time.

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