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Ay$e of Spades: Rapper/Hip Hop Artist Signed To SRV Studios

Aysel Rodriguez- or 'Ay$e' as she prefers to be known is the latest acquisition for musical talent that SRV Studios has signed onto to represent in their agency.

The twenty one year old originally hails from Oakland, California and grew up on tough streets before finding a way out from the life of gangs and street crime that permeated her neighborhood.

A fan of hip hop and lover of rap, Ay$e cites influences such as early 90s and 2000s stars such as Aaliyah, Dru Hill and Jodeci, Jagged Edge, Mya, but especially Jhene Aiko and also Kehlani as an artist also from her home city.

"Look, I have had my bad moments in my life, I am young, I am 21 years but I can say that music saved my life, I want to say that it made me stay away from certain things that you can find in the streets, in the hood-" Ay$e is clear that even though she ran with a street gang from a young age, she has left that life behind to focus on what is truly important to her- her creative passion and life long love for music.

"..Sometimes someone gets into things they shouldn't, and it goes with good people .. Yes, I was in a ..gang.. and it was the love for music that made me get away from all this."

Nowadays the singer is working on her first album, excited for the future.

"Yes! I'm working on my first album! I had a mixtape that I recorded in a friend's little studio in Oakland. The mixtape is titled Love & Pain, Alex [ SRV Studio Executive Alexia Rousseau] heard that and she wanted me here at SRV Studios, here I am!"

Ayse claims, "The title was something simple, love and pain was In my life, it was every day like this in Oakland, it was easy to choose it." She adds that, "When you listen to my music, you can feel that Aaliyah has an influence on me, also other women like Jhene Aiko."

Ay$e states she is not looking to get into other areas of performing for now, she does not want to take up acting right now but is solely focused on her music career:

"The first step is to reach the top in music, I don't want fame, I want to be a reference in the RnB, leave a legacy."

The up and coming artist wants to conquer the music scene, a scene she feels is open to the abundance of female talent that has been dominating the charts recently and she feels that for any musician, getting seen or heard is not as hard as it was before:

" I am part of the new generation, we have an opportunity that before other women did not have. I mean, nowadays one can always make your own music almost from your pc, you only need a few programs and we can share our music with everyone in a second. Those people that I respect so much, those people from the 90s and early 2000s, had it more difficult. Nowadays we are above, we are many making very good music, and I feel pride as a woman of what we are doing in the genre."

Ay$e feels that while there are some high profile female talent out on the music scene lately that there are some men still bringing the RnB flavor that she loves.

"As for boys, look I like the music of a boy named Jvack James.. he has the essence of the 90s and early 2000s, with a current sound, I like Miguel and I like a duo called They."

Ay$e Rodriguez promises to be one to look out for and so far her star is rising.