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American Found Dead In San Vardan

Dr Fallon Quandry of Santa Ramona Valley, aged 24, a one time former forensic scientist at the police department was found dead in a potential homicide scenario in the small border town of San Vardan. Mexico late night Saturday, the 6th of March.

Dr Quandry was found collapsed on the floor of one of the warehouses in the industrial sector of San Vardan, late night by San Vardan Border Patrol Agents after an anonymous phone call made by an unknown male speaking in fluent Spanish led them to her discovery.

The young woman had suffered severe head injuries consistent with being struck by a heavy object, causing internal bleeding. By the time border patrol agents found Dr Quandry however she was dead on scene.

"We only know this poor woman was found dead in the industrial sector amid one other significant fact. A CJGN patch- the kind some cartel members wear on sleeves or shirts- was found next to the woman as if they were claiming responsibility for this murder. We do believe she was murdered, we did not find any trace of DNA on the warehouse beams around her and we have reason to suspect her body was moved, so this location was probably not her place of death. If anyone has seen or heard anything in connection to do with this case, we urge you to come forward and help us seek justice and put away those responsible for her murder." Border Patrol Agent Marco Ramirez said to the Chronicles. CJGN is an abbreviation for the New Generation Jalisco Cartel.

We asked Border Patrol Agent Ramirez if they were worried that the town of San Vardan was going to see a spate of CJGN slayings and shootings in attempts to take control of the border town which already is a hot bed of narcotic activity with rumors of cartel shoot outs and burning cocaine fields in the recent past with a few of the town residents moving illegally across the border in order to escape the violence.

"We have not come across any New Generation Jalisco Cartel members in this town before so I am surprised personally that they would come out this far from their traditional territories. We have issues with other players in the cartel world but not so far CJGN." Mr Ramirez admitted.

Cartel gang members are known to claim their victims with public displays of their murders and brutality in order to effect fear in others. It is not known if Dr Fallon Quandry, a young woman with a clean record and no former convictions in Santa Ramona Valley, was associated with any cartels or was simply a witness to something that may have cost her her own life.

Dr Quandry's family has been contacted and her mother, Congress woman Gretchen Whitmer is flying over to collect her daughter's body and will try to speak to local authorities in San Vardan, it is understood her father who is a Pastor will be holding a special service in his daughter's memory back at their home town.

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