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All About Seon-Hui

K Pop star Seon-hui has left Korea amidst rumors of a scandal to end up on the west coast, no less in Santa Ramona's warm climes. With a new album on the way out the Santa Ramona Chronicles took the chance to interview Korea's infamous Pop star and talk about her music, life and ambitions...

SR C: You have been described as a K Pop sensation- please tell us a little about yourself in your own words and a little about your background in music.

S-H: "Sensation? That is a very kind thing to say. While I was very popular in Korea solo acts don't quite get the attention the girl and boy bands usually get. I am very ambitious, I was signed into trainee camp at 13 years old and lived in agency dorms most of the time. I have extensive training in dancing and signing and have enjoyed instrument lessons in the past. I can play piano and violin, other than that I'd like to think that I stayed s