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All About Seon-Hui

K Pop star Seon-hui has left Korea amidst rumors of a scandal to end up on the west coast, no less in Santa Ramona's warm climes. With a new album on the way out the Santa Ramona Chronicles took the chance to interview Korea's infamous Pop star and talk about her music, life and ambitions...

SR C: You have been described as a K Pop sensation- please tell us a little about yourself in your own words and a little about your background in music.

S-H: "Sensation? That is a very kind thing to say. While I was very popular in Korea solo acts don't quite get the attention the girl and boy bands usually get. I am very ambitious, I was signed into trainee camp at 13 years old and lived in agency dorms most of the time. I have extensive training in dancing and signing and have enjoyed instrument lessons in the past. I can play piano and violin, other than that I'd like to think that I stayed somewhat grounded in reality."

SRV C: Who do you most admire musically? Whose influences do you feel if any, in your own music?

S-H: "I greatly admire So Hyang and Youn Sun Nah. I strive to be independent like both of them, it is very hard to break out of your mold in Korea and both of them have managed to do that. Now that I am in the US I hope to be able to do that as well. As for influences, my influences are rooted deeply in K pop and I don't foresee that to change anytime soon."

SR C: Do you enjoy fame or are you resigned to the idea that it follows on talent such as yours?

S-H: "Fame is a double edged sword. And it can turn on you very quickly, between Saesang (obsessive stalkers) fans and not being able to do anything without being scrutinized... I enjoy parts of it, other aspects of fame are an unfortunate byproduct of being known. I love to know that my music makes people happy and is appreciated."

SR C: Why did you leave Korea?

S-H: "That is a very hard question to answer. The short answer is that I am following my husband to the US. The long answer is very personal and not something I wish to discuss at this time."

SR C: What do you hope to achieve in the US, personally and career wise?

S-H: "Creative freedom. I hope to merge k pop and pop music and establish myself as a presence in the US. I am aware that it will require hard work and I am happy to put that in. I really hope to boost my career further than it went in Korea. As for personal goals, I hope to continue to build my marriage and find happiness."