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Agri-Gro Entrepreneur Dies In Domestic Dispute

Erik Lorenson a twenty four year old successful business entrepreneur died this week after

a break in and assault upon a young woman who alleges he had been following

her and invaded her domicile in the south side of Santa Ramona Valley.

The young woman, a Hash House Diner employee named Selena Hidalgo

claims that Mr Lorenson had turned up on her doorstep in order to demand he forgive her

for stealing money from her that he had taken to fund his now successful agricultural company that specialized in chemically altered fertilizer.

The company -valued now in it's millions- had not existed just then at the time of their friendship, years prior, Ms Hidalgo claims Mr Lorenson was penniless then and unemployed, a fresh out of college graduate. Her money which she had believed to be a 'loan' to a good friend was never repaid as Mr Lorenson left and never returned, though Miss Hidalgo had seen him years later on the cover of magazines being touted as a successful young entrepreneur.

Mr Lorenson did seek out Miss Hidalgo and the two engaged in a heated discussion outside of her residence before he was allegedly able to enter the apartment and he then attacked Miss Hidalgo violently when, as she claims, she did not forgive him.

"It became violent with Miss Hidalgo as a young woman with a much smaller and leaner build, struggling with Mr Lorenson who used to play high school football as a quarterback. Mr Lorenson struck Miss Hidalgo a few times before she was able to break away and grab a knife to stab Mr Lorenson with which injured the man an' caused his ultimate demise, with an arterial nerve cut which led to a bleed out. Miss Hidalgo was unable to call for emergency services in a timely manner due to shock an' her injuries so by the time they had been alerted Mr Lorenson had lost too much blood when EMS finally arrived." Detective Johnson of the SRPD relayed to the Chronicles.

Detective Johnson of the South Side Police Department told the Chronicles that he has questioned the young woman and stated that Miss Hidalgo has been co-operative with the police and fully transparent but declined to comment any further on the case and what the charges will be-as well as whether there will be any.

Mr Lorenson who was born and raised in a small town in Nevada experienced a virtual rags to riches fortune in a short space of time with his successful fertilizer product taking the agricultural and business world by storm. It is unclear who stands to inherit his fortune but CEOs at the company expressed their grief at the news and reassured investors that they have control of the company and it's course.

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