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A Look At Upcoming Talent: Singer Amelia Heart

Singer Amelia Heart performed her first ever live performance at Santa Ramona's very own Boiler Room Nightclub and bar, located on Saturn Way in the cities South side.

The Santa Ramona Chronicles recently reported on the wild success of the event as the singer sang to a packed club with plenty of the cities celebrities turning up as part of the Studios showcasing of talent and in support of Amelia Heart, the aspiring singer who is now looking to step into the limelight, all for the very first time.

The Chronicles spoke to Miss Heart and asked her a few questions as we took the opportunity to get to know the singer and her influences and ambitions.

SR C: So tell us a little about yourself such as where you're from and what life has been like before you moved to Santa Ramona.

AH: "San Francisco. I honestly didn't think I'd venture into music before this opportunity came into view. I was a quiet kid that dabbled in books, loved learning new languages, and secretly sang in my room when I could."

SR C: Sounds like you have a more introverted personality, how did you bring yourself to sing live in front of audiences as you have also described yourself as a shy and quiet person?

AH: "I'd say I am much of an introvert. I told Alex that crowds terrify me, but I love music too much to not give this opportunity a go... Boiler Room was my first gig ever. I didn't think I could go through with it until I started singing and everything else just fell into place.. It was exhilarating, to say the least, I was lost in that moment until I had to get my feet back on Earth. Even then, it was hard."

SR C: Could you name your main influences upon your singing and music style and tastes?

AH: "My parents were both enthusiasts of music. I'd say they were my earliest influences. My mother more of the female powerhouses, and instruments. My Dad, more the rock and jazz aspect of music. And then I discovered a plethora of artists that I can't even enumerate because there's too many. I would be lying if I said I didn't prefer certain ones over the other, but a musician often draws inspiration from each one we get to listen to."

SR C: Is there anyone who you would really like to collaborate with musically or vocally? And do you have any thoughts about pursuing anything other than music, such as acting for example?

AH: "I don't have a specific name in mind regarding collaborations but I'm open to suggestions and maybe even organically finding someone that I'll musically mesh with.. ..anything related to music, it's something that should be done right. With your all. Music is definitely my main priority at the moment, but even acting is art, and I'm one to always try something at least once before I say no to doing it again...

Music in itself is a high, isolation of ensembles that just make you feel an out-of-body experience. Like you could just visualize everything and feel the beat through every fiber of your being.

I'd say, like my approach in music, anything new can teach us a lot of things that we didn't consider. So yes, very much open to new experiences."

The singer is currently considering her path into the world of fame and media carefully but one thing is for sure, SRV Studios has discerned her talent and is keen to sign on the budding star in the making. Santa Ramona Valley will expect to see more of Miss Amelia Heart whether on the stage in front of live audiences or hearing her vocal talents on the airwaves.