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A message from the Mayor

To the Citizens of Santa Ramona Valley: Less than a week after taking office, I sent in proposals to the Governor of California, Moe Lester. I'm still waiting to hear back from our illustrious Governor, but I won't be waiting much longer. While he has a state to run, Dimitri Rousseau and I have a city to run. Frankly we cannot wait two weeks for an answer, not when the tenure of Mayor is so very short and we deserve better service from the Governor. Therefore, I am going to hold a rally at City Hall if the Governor has not communicated with this office by October 14th. That's 15 days since I sent the proposal in and a sixth of my time as mayor eaten up with bureaucracy and red tape. Not going to happen, Governor Moe Lester. If we've not had swift communication by the 14th, I urge all of Santa Ramona concerned citizens to take to the steps of City Hall with me in a peaceful protest to the length of time our government takes to work with us. I'll send out a notice on radio, TV, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram by 4 PM on October 14th, to rally at 5 PM. I will not sit idly by and allow things to fall through because of someone else's inadequacy in their job. No more red tape. No more stalling to provide the services and needs to Santa Ramona. I said I wasn't going to be a mayor that didn't get shit done and I'm not going to be. Listen out for my rally call at 4 PM SLT on October 14th, if it comes, then meet me at 5 PM SLT on the steps of City Hall to make some noise and we'll call up the Governor and let him hear it. The proposal submitted is for a contest with residents of Santa Ramona Valley to name a new business to the Southside Boardwalk and the city create a turn key business ((sim owned business like Wolfe's, Boiler Room, etc)) that would be a good opportunity for a first time business owner to take over with help from the city for a short time. This would give citizens a say in businesses they might like to have available in Santa Ramona and help with the revitalization of the Southside Boardwalk. Mayor Angelyna Russo