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Harvest Food Fair

Harvest is a time of plenty, of renewal and of preparation for harsher times to come. I would like to make sure all those in need are feed at this time, that they may renew themselves and lay down the preparations for the months ago....I require your help..... I am asking each food serving establishment in SRV to contribute a stall with some food product on it for sale((IC)) also will be asking that each participant as well as the people visiting donate on item of food for collection and distribution to the poor, homeless and needy of Santa Ramona. Santa Ramona Church is sponsoring a food fair and drive this weekend on Oct 11th. Starting at 1pm((secondlife time)). Please stop by and donate generously to help the homeless. Anything dried or tinned is fine - soup, pasta, dried noddles, vegetables that will not spoil quickly, such as potatoes. Please e-mail me ((IM Father Anthony Morrow (luua.cyannis))) if you have any questions and to let me know if you will require a stall. Father Anthony Morrow

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