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Chronicles Bombing: a Further Arrest

We have received the following press release from the Santa Ramona Sheriff's Department. The SD have refused to either confirm or deny that the arrest it refers to is the one made on Bel Aire Drive reported in the Chronicles on Sunday.

On the evening of September 10th 2020, an explosion was heard and witnessed at the Chronicles building in Santa Ramona Valley, CA. The fire department attended. After their thorough search of the scene, parts of what was believed to have been a homemade bomb and remainders of a Rose's tin and possible detention device were found. For those reasons the FD passed the case over to the Sheriff's Department for investigation. CCTV from the Chronicles revealed a male dressed in delivery drivers uniform who was witnessed speaking to the Night Clerk, and who was seen accepting the tin. The male then exited the front door and returned to his truck that was parked outside. Clear shots of the male's face were captured and these were run through facial recognition software at the SD Labs. The male had previous convictions elsewhere in the US. This allowed the Sheriff's department to make the first arrest. The male was arrested on September 19th 2020; during interrogation he informed Deputies that he had been paid to deliver the bomb to the Chronicles. The bomb was personally addressed to Ms Venus Zapedzki the Chronicles Editor in Chief. The male also provided Deputies with a name of who had paid him. This information then allowed the Sheriff's department to obtain an arrest warrant for the other party involved. On Saturday September 26th the Sheriff's Department arrested the other party, who has since been charged with Conspiracy to commit several crimes, including Domestic Terrorism and Attempted Manslaughter among others and is currently released, awaiting court. During the arrest a person in the house, became seriously ill. Sheriff's Deputies called for an ambulance, and performed CPR until the EMT's arrived. The person was taken to SRGH; at the time of this press release they are still in hospital, in a stable condition. The Sheriff's Dept are not releasing any names. No further information will be released by the Santa Ramona Sheriff's Department at this time.