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Sheriff's Deputies make arrest on Bel Aire Drive

Reports have come in that a number of Santa Ramona Sheriff's Department were involved in an arrest made on Northside's exclusive Bel Aire Drive A person, as yet unidentified, appears to have been injured and taken to hospital. It is not known whether the injured party was a deputy. Two cars from the SD had been seen driving up Bel Aire Drive at around midday on Saturday. The deputies entered one of the houses, and a little later an ambulance arrived. Two paramedics entered the house and brought out an injured person on a stretcher, who was then driven away. A little while later one of the police cars left, taking away what might have been an arrested person. A car from Child Services also arrived. The Sheriff’s Department have confirmed that a person has been arrested, but will not give out further details, except to confirm that the house is not a crime scene. Were you a witness to these events or know anything about them? If so, the Chronicles would like to hear from you.

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