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Angelyna Russo inaugurated as Mayor of SRV

Angelyna Russo was inaugurated Mayor of Santa Ramona Valley on Thursday evening, the first Mayor of Santa Ramona to have an elected Deputy Mayor. She was sworn into office by Governor Moe Lester, who then swore in Dimitri Rousseau, a former Mayor of SRV, as her deputy. Both Mayor and Deputy own businesses in Santa Ramona, the Mayor in Southside and her Deputy in Northside. There were some mutterings when a man in the crowd called out that Mayor Russo was “my gal”, which some objected to, but they were brief, and there were no other interruptions to the proceedings. Mayor Russo then made a short speech. She thanked the electors of Santa Ramona Valley for putting their trust in her and then, getting down to her campaign promises, said she didn’t write checks she couldn’t cash. The Mayor's list of aims is impressive. She promised the assembled crowd to help the homeless population of Southside and see that the unemployed get help to find jobs. She further promised to see that those that need medical or psychiatric help get it, as she would for those that need food. She intends to work with both Northside and Southside to ensure the city makes gains on tourism, business capital and investments. She’ll be depending, she said, on her Deputy for these things. But, specifically, she wants to see the Southside boardwalk revitalized. Deputy Mayor Rousseau said little in his speech except to call Mayor Russo “the real deal” and to state his support for her “real and achievable” goals. The audience responded well to the speeches, and, before leaving, Governor Moe Lester wished them well. Mayor and Deputy then left to begin their business.

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