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Where the Mayoral candidates stand

The polls are open for the mayoral election. To help Santa Ramona Valley residents makes up their minds how to vote we publish edited extracts from the statements the two candidates made at Friday's mayoral debate. The format of the debate was that questions were posed and the candidates responded in turn. We have grouped their statements together so that readers can get a full picture of what they said.

The polls close in Wednesday at 10am. The result will be announce shortly after midday. Dimitri Rousseau won the toss and spoke first, so his statements appear first. The ones made by Angelyna Russo are below his. Dimitri Rousseau

" I am Dimitri Rousseau, a long time resident of Santa Ramona. I am former Mayor as some of you might recall, I was in term from March till June of this year and Ms Roisin Russo succeeded me. I'm running again as you can see. My platforms are briefly; Boosting the local Tourism industry via creating solid careers in these here in this city, Bringing in business and investment in both the North and South of the city through actual established connections and helping local businesses to boost foot traffic and activity. I am also collaborating with Ms Russo next to me in tackling unemployment and helping out with the homeless situation." "I have plans for creating two Tourist Guide roles here in this city, combined with an information booth where maps an directions can be handed out. We can have groups of people---newcomers and regular citizens, being led by a Tourist guide to visit different spots in our city - different backgrounds and' strenghten existing community ties while introducing new faces to older residents. And of course, these guides would be qualified in campin an outdoor skills. They would also lend business to local businesses--- imagine a tour guide bringing a group over to Miss Mancino's surf store on South side or catching a bus to go admire the SRV Studios and get they picture taken outside it and have lunch in the Hotel Cortez or in China town? This will not just promote tourism but drive up revenue for our local businesses... "Tour Guides t