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Bodies found on Northside beach

Three dead bodies, believed to have been murdered, were found last Friday morning on Santa Ramona beach, hanging under the Northside Boardwalk. The bodies, two females and a male, wrapped in plastic, were reported to the Sheriff’s Department around 7am by a Santa Ramona resident who had come across them while walking their dog. The SD called the coroner who proclaimed the victims deceased at then scene.

The deceased had obviously not been dead for very long at all, since a witness who contacted the Chronicles described blood falling as the SD took the bodies down. Because of the small amount of blood on the beach and its patterning, the Sheriff’s Department believe the people were murdered elsewhere and were then brought to SRV, probably by boat. They are working with the coastguard to try to identify any vessels that were in the area on Thursday night into early Friday morning.

The SD are not currently releasing details of how the victims were killed. They are also waiting on identification of the bodies from the Medical Examiner.

They appeal for anyone who saw anything suspicious around the Boardwalk on the night of Friday September 3rd to contact them.

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