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Response To The Systematic Prejudice Towards Southside

On August 27, we published an official proposal from Angelyna Russo, the owner of Lock n Load, a Southside business. It called for the establishment of the post of Deputy Mayor in Santa Ramona Valley, the Mayor and Deputy Mayor to come from different areas of the city - one from Northside, one from Southside. The same day we published an official rebuttal from the Mayor, agreeing with the proposal for a Deputy but disagreeing with the idea that the two officials should come from different area.

This opinion piece continues the debate. The opinion column in the Santa Ramona Chronicles is open for others to express their opinions on this very important topic.

From Angelyna Russo, Very Concerned Southside Resident:

The city council has very much been nearly all Northside residents: Evelyna Stone, Northside; Dimitri Rousseau, Northside; Jay Stone, Northside; Sarina Jade-Ramirez, Northside. There have been various people in and out of seats, but overwhelming residents of Northside. Whoever wrote this states, as we know our Mayor assuredly did not,: "We have also had at least ONE previous who was living in and very active voice in Southside" as if that one person was enough, then goes on to bash them for not doing anything, while that ONE mayor is their example. Many mayors and officials from Northside did absolutely nothing in office either. And let's not forget how terrible that ONE Southside mayor was with Northside needs and topics. Proving my point. I agree with this ghost writer as they state: "This supposed divide between North and South is something that is more prevalent to the residents of the South side than anyone else.". Prejudice is seen and felt by those oppressed, often not by the people oppressing them as they carry on without accountability for their actions, often not even seeing how their words continue the cycle. We do not perpetuate this idea, it is an obvious thing. This proves my original point again, both sides needs experienced, earnest leadership that understands the complexities of each district. The ghost writer who wishes to remain anonymous (notice how when they speak of Southside, it's in single quotes as if not existing, but that's not carried over to their use of Northside, because that's the only locale that matters in their frame of mind): "This office recognizes that the 'South side' faces a different set of challenges to those of the North side" yet then states: "What happens in one place effects everyone not just the resident of a particular area." That is not the case at all and in one breath they admit it and the next this ghost writer denies it matters. I don't see Northside residents being open to strip clubs, adult stores, free clinics and halfway houses next door to beach front manses. There is a difference, pretending it doesn't exist makes it all the more problematic. On to the clean up. I am sorry the homeless people of Southside neglected to claim their trash as home furnishings. The fact it is seen as an attack, when it was stated their hearts were in the best places, but their experiences were NOT. You literally just stated in this rebuttal you expect homeless people to explain their use of these items, to know the clean up was happening? You have no understanding of the people in this situation that is a problem in Southside. You again prove my point, perfectly Ghost Writer. Thank you though for missing the point completely. As to the drug initiatives, the mayor stated that both offices would be used to work this out. Again, the Southside was seen as an afterthought in a situation already determined by the Northside Sheriff's department. I do not expect the ghostwriter or mayor to understand that as they miss the issues going on with Southside being different from Northside. It was never stated he was excluded, but that he was not conferred with until AFTER a plan had been determined. And at no time was the Gateway House or Southside Clinic spoken to about how to help combat the drug use in Southside from their very knowledgeable approach. No, the only thing accomplished was legal ways to correct a criminal AND social problem. Which they would understand BOTH needed to be done if they understood Southside life at all. They only see the legality of it with their frame of mind, the fact is drug use is often a means to treat mental illness, PTSD and pain management. Do the drug dealers and manufacturers need to have strict punishments, probably. Do the drug users need to be offered a helping hand? Absolutely. Most elections cost a great deal of money. And most elections are won by those with that money and from Northside. It's a proven fact. Having few role models in office from Southside and fewer funds to enter a race for Mayor and more to lose because of lack of funds, means you do not get Southside candidates. It's a system built to push the middle class and poor out, which is the overwhelming population of the Southside. Again, proving my point that many of those in affluent roles in Northside, do not understand Southside. They cannot lead a place they do not understand. If there is no Southside candidate, there will be no possibility of deputy mayor for that election cycle. Simple. And no, the Deputy Mayor may not be from Southside... if someone from Southside won the majority, they would be mayor. Do not think I would suggest you delegate the Southside candidate to the lower office, that's is your mentality shown in this ghost written mess. The proposal is not against constitutional law, it is simply seeking to find balance where there is none in your political arena. There is one city and TWO districts, as proven by a Sheriff's office and Police Department that have a LINE drawn separating the two. Two districts, two leadership roles. One must ask this ghostwriter and Mayor behind them, why is this so threatening to you? Why is it that leadership and care of Southside makes you so quick to run against it and prove your bias against the Southside, yet again? In fact you go a step further to try and disenfranchise the Southside all together by suggesting we have possibly TWO leadership positions in Northside and again, leave Southside far behind. Because again, the political system is set up for those with money to run and you know that most residents of Southside lack the funds. Or do you know? You may not because you clearly don't know anything about Southside. Which is why I propose that a deputy mayor position be opened up for future elections.