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Deputy Mayor Proposal: a rebuttal

From the Mayors Office. In past elections the City of Santa Ramona had an entire council behind the mayor, made up a various persons from all over the City. We have also had at least one previous who was living in and a very active voice in the South side. In both these situations plans were put in place to help the people of that area. They did not do enough or produce the desired results. This supposed divide between North and South is something that is more prevalent to the residents of the South side than anyone else. It is the residents from that area of the City who mostly perpetuate this idea. This office recognizes that the 'South side' faces a different set of challenges to those of the North side, it also considers Santa Ramona Valley as one City. What happens in one place effects everyone not just the resident of a particular area. This office believes it is time to stop thinking of a divided City. To address the matter of the clean up program in the City. This incentive was City wide not just limited to the South. Sheriff's Deputies have been active in enforcement of Littering laws and encouraging people in the North to put trash into trash bins. This office states the following; The clean up in the South was open to 'everyone' from all over the city, all walks of life. Plenty of opportunity was available for people in the area to claim items they were using. This office recognizes that it was not simply going to 'solve' the issue, but drawing the attention of the whole city to the problem was a first step in the right direction. In the matter of the drug issue. This office promised at its election to do what it could to tack