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Deputy Mayor Proposal

Angelyna Russo Business Owner: Lock N Load Resident of Southside Santa Ramona Valley Proposal to change the political structure of Santa Ramona Valley to allow for more inclusiveness. In past elections we have had a one sided elected mayor that could not possibly know the best course of action for the complex and diverse residents of the city of Santa Ramona Valley. There was no way to ensure that both the Northside and Southside were adequately accounted for in proposals that had direct dealings with their areas of town. There are two very different sides of town, for instance: *Businesses such as Lock N Load, Black Thorn, Alley Cats, The Southside Clinic, The Gateway House, the Adult Store, all drive down property values. These businesses are not welcome in Northside for that reason and Southside needs to keep rents to a level affordable to those that live here. It's a divide that both sides must accept and encourage. *Specialty boutiques and stores that sell expensive products are welcome in Northside, but would be a difficult cross to bear for Southside for the same reason as above. *Southside was given a Police Force to help work with the divide between the residents and business owners of Southside and the Sheriff's department's method of handling things. Further proving the divide. *A simple act determined necessary by a Northside resident has serious consequences for those that live in Southside. For example a clean up arranged by residents of Northside, in Southside. While they removed couches and trash, they displaced many that lived on those couches and used tarps as covers. It looked like trash, most agree, but to someone else, that was a small convenience. They have since moved to farther back alleys and underground, those of us that deliver food and supplies to them, that offer medical help, will now have to go to those more dangerous places to do so. It's not that removing those things were bad, or done without heart, it's just that they don't understand the dichotomy of the people /here/. Homelessness is an issue, but the condition of Southside needs to be addressed by those that understand the world in which we are in. I cannot adequately tell you the best thing for Northside. Neither can many in leadership adequately help Southside if they are not living here. *Most of the mayors have been only able to give adequate care and coverage to the residents of the specific side of town they live on. Their range of experience and ability to serve the people of Santa Ramona fell upon their specific knowledge, which often did not include the other side of the city. That goes for both Southside and Northside. We have rarely seen fair and knowledgeable acts done to either side. *More often than not, it's the Southside that gets shafted in this privileged bias. Because the courts and main jail system are in Northside, Southside will always be among the Northside frame of mind when seeking fair trails or humane treatment when incarcerated. When the current mayor wished to deal with the drug issues in the city, Undersheriff Brent and the Mayor worked extensively on a deal before even speaking with Chief Jay Stone, who has many more years experience and is currently leading the Police Department in Southside. Why was he not consulted to begin with? And why is only the legal side of things addressed? The clinic and halfway house deal with the drug use issues in the city, but neither were ever spoken to about ways to help those that have problems. Is it because so many live in Southside and both of those places reside there? I propose that Mayoral elections still take the highest voted person and install them as Mayor of Santa Ramona Valley, but their home of residency in the past month be considered their residency. And that the next highest person running from the OTHER locality, be elected Deputy Mayor and focus on the things in that area, while the Mayor focuses on their locality. On items that affect both localities like public works and such, they work together, assuring each locality is fairly represented by the Mayor's office. This could finally bridge a gap that has seriously injured BOTH localities in the past with different mayors or left some localities just plain and simply forgotten about as a different entity. Which it is. We are ALL Santa Ramona Valley, but we are not all the same. Angelyna Russo Long time resident of Southside

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