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Proposal: SD Drug Reduction Plan Modification

From the Sheriff's Department

To take effective action by vigorous law enforcement, accessible treatment and a new emphasis on education and prevention to: ● Increase the safety of communities from drug-related crime; ● Reduce the acceptability and availability of drugs to young people; and ● Reduce the health risks and other damage related to drug misuse. What is the issue? Santa Ramona Valley is struggling to overcome challenges associated with drug use, such as the spread of disease, issues related to homelessness, rising rates of overdose deaths, and drug related crime. There is a revolving door phenomenon, in which people are arrested, detained, and released—only to be arrested again and in which police are called to engage and detain people who clearly need social support or physical and mental health services instead. It is therefore proposed to introduce the following measures to assist drug users. This proposal does not address drug dealers and would not extend protections to those found selling drugs. Save Lives- The core mission of law enforcement is to protect human life. The following are proposed changes in Law Enforcement policy: • Law Enforcement would not charge or arrest at overdose scenes. • Law Enforcement will carry and support distribution of the opioid overdose antidote. • Law Enforcement would extend protection from arrest to those who report being victims of or witnesses to drug related crimes. • Law Enforcement will work with public health partners to create “health hubs” around drug users and overdose victims. • Law Enforcement will work with businesses to put up signs that they allow the smoking of cannabis. • Law Enforcement will support Alternatives to Arrest- Give out citations or warnings for more minor drug offenses as opposed to arrest. In addition, Law Enforcement encourages the Public awareness of gang cuckooing. This is the willful knowledge that your property is being used for the making or distribution of drugs. Owners are responsible for ensuring their property is not used for illegal activity. Reasonable checks of said property will curb the use of rental properties being used for the use of illegal drugs. Further, owners could be prosecuted for Aiding and Abetting and/or negligence for the drug activity taking place there, if it can be proved they were either aware of or failed to check the usage of the property. Aiding and Abetting is a felony charge that carries a fine of $5000 and twelve hours in jail. Lastly, Law Enforcement encourages stiffer fines and penalties for drug dealers. Current Criminal Code: Narcotics; Possession of for Sales 11351/Felony/$3,000/12 hrs Proposed changes: Narcotics; Possession of for Sales 11351/Felony/$5,000/16 hrs