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Have a Super Time at Comic Con

It’s the Second Annual Comic Con event at Santa Ramona’s Boiler Room this Sunday, July 26th from 3 – 6 p.m. It’s like Halloween in July were our residents and guests dress as their favorite comic book hero or villain. You don’t need to be in costume to join in the fun, but it might pay you to dress it up. Your host, Joseph Styles is giving a $500 prize for the best costume. Check your inventory for that Joker outfit you bought five years ago and join the fun. When asked about the first Comic Con event and how things went Joseph was quick to respond "Yes, the first one was a big success. Doing the event in the middle of the blockbuster movie season and the San Diego Comic Con usually has people embracing those characters. And yes, we do encourage patrons to come down Sunday dressed like their favorites. That is half the fun of the event, seeing who people come as." As to the music, “Kittara is well known here in Santa Ramona. She has been my DJ for almost every monthly event we have had. She might mix in some themed music. I trust her entirely. She has never disappointed a crowd when she has been here." Be it Wonder Woman or Batman, Superman or Spiderman, Thor or The Flash, get your gear and channel your super powers, get to the Comic Con event, enjoy the music of DJ Kittara and have a super good time.

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