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Chaos in Wolfe’s as Dr Roberts arrested

There was chaos in Wolfe’s Tavern last night as the Sheriff’s Department seized and arrested Dr Gunther Roberts, developer of Charge Soda.. This follows the exposure by SRV7 News and the Santa Ramona Chronicles of the subliminal messages in his adverts. Armed with a warrant for Dr Roberts’ arrest, Deputies went to both his work and home addresses, eventually tracking him down to Wolfe’s Tavern, where a Ladies Night was in progress. Sheriff Sarina Jade Ramirez, accompanied by Under Sheriff Brentt, entered the Tavern and attempted to arrest him. Dr Roberts responded by using a phone with a flashing light to put Wolfe’s owner, who was serving behind the bar, into a trance and ordered her to “shoot them all”. It was at this point that panic seized the crowd, who tried to get away. Under Sheriff Brentt pulled out his pistol as the Tavern owner reached under the bar. Fortunately, in her semi-conscious state, she pulled out the soda gun and fired soda at the nearest man. The man’s wife lunged at the owner, causing her to fall. The owner received concussion and blacked out. In the panic a female customer fell off her stool, and she also received injuries. Sheriff Jade Ramirez grabbed the phone from Dr Roberts’ hand, thus preventing him from hypnotizing anyone else, and cuffed him, reading him his rights. He was arrested for several counts of Aggravated Mayhem, Mental/Emotional Disturbance, Solicitation to commit a crime and Public Nuisance offenses, and was taken to the SRSD jail. A bottle was thrown at Dr Roberts by one of the customers, but missed him. Under Sheriff Brentt ordered the crowd to stop throwing things and warned them if anything hit the prisoner the thrower would be charged with assault. EMT’s were called to the scene to deal with the injuries. Additional Deputies were also called to take statements. Thanks to Ken Dolle for additional reporting.

Were you in Wolfe’s Tavern when the arrest was made? The Chronicles would like to hear from you.

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