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Charge Soda: New Allegations

New allegations have arisen against Charge Soda, after it was cleared of containing a toxic ingredient. This time it concerns their adverts. It is now alleged that they contain subliminal messages that could incite people to commit crimes. The allegation were made on last Wednesday’s SRV7 evening news by TV journalist Kent Kenwood. He revealed that SRV7’s video experts had discovered the subliminal messages when they slowed down the advert. He ran a tape of the slowed down advert on the news so that viewers could check for themselves. He explained that, while the continuous music in the advert runs at a frequency of 100hz, the subliminal messages run at the slower 4hz. This slow frequency puts the brain into a suggestible state in which it is possible the viewer could unconsciously accept what was being said. At the slowed-down speed the messages are distinct to the conscious mind. They are "Release your control, embrace your most innermost desires..", "Embrace your desires" and "Charge Soda. It's what you need to connect with your innermost desires." As a result of this broadcast, and after discussions with SRV7, the Chronicles contacted both the Santa Ramona Sheriff’s Department and the Director of the General Hospital, where Dr Gunther Roberts, developer of Charge Soda and who appears on the Charge Soda adverts, works as a psychiatrist. We also attempted to contact Dr Roberts himself. The SRSD replied, in a statement, that they are investigating the claims of subliminal messaging, but until these claims are independently verified they have no evidence of wrongdoing. But the statement continues “As for criminal charges, we will confer with the DA to determine the most appropriate charges that could be made, if any. The United States has not banned the use of subliminal messages; however the FCC will revoke a company's broadcast license if the use of subliminal techniques is proven. Charges will be based on if it can be proved that subliminal messages caused people to act violently or inappropriately and the person creating those subliminal messages knew there was a chance people could become violent.” The SD promise to continue their investigations and to speak to medical experts to determine if subliminal messages can cause people to act on those messages and lose their memory. Dr Allie Brentt of the General Hospital confirmed that Dr Roberts works for SRGH but pointed out that Charge Soda has nothing to do with the hospital. However, she will be starting an investigation. Dr Roberts has so far not made any reply to our request for a comment. However, when speaking to the Chronicles recently about Charge Soda, while rejecting the idea that the contents of the drink could be responsible for criminal behavior, he did add that it’s societal norms that keep people in check. Whether societal norms can be overridden by subliminal messages is a question the Chronicles would like answered.

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