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Gala event at the Hotel Cortez

Almas Barone and Alessandro Vicentini

Leone Ottavio Moretti, son of Santa Ramona's Mayor, and Estrella Garza, CEO of SRV7 Studios and presenter of TV's Ella Show, were among the one hundred guests at Saturday night's elegant gala event at the Hotel Cortez. The event was hosted by Famiglia Barone, represented by CEO Almas Barone and the CEO of Hotel Cortez, Alessandro Vicentini (seen in the photo) The purpose of the event was to present their wine brands to the west coast and unveil their marketing campaign. The marketing campaign will star Ella Garza. Famiglia Barone own a famous traditional vineyard in the central Italian region of Tuscany. This vineyard produces a Chianti, that has been given the highest award in the Italian wine industry, the DOCG or Denominazione di Origine Controllata e Garantita. This classification is a guarantee of the wine’s quality from the Italian government, marked by the numbered government seal on each bottle. Famiglia Barone also owns a vineyard producing Prosecco in the northern Italian region of Veneto The Barone wines were served at the event, and your gossip girl can attest to their excellence.

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