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The Car Angel comes to Santa Ramona

Want a little more pep in your Beamer, some more zip in your 300ZX, then maybe you should visit Nat B the Car Angel, owner and top mechanic at Fallen Angel Custom Auto at the corner of Imperial Avenue and Sedona Drive. Customizing your auto for the best performance or detailing for improved style is what she says she's all about. We interrupted Nat as she was fine tuning a sporty Nissan in her garage to find out how she became interested in opening Fallen Angel only to discover her love of cars and motorcycles went back to her early years. "Well my dad was a biker, and one day he found this old beat up 1929 Indian Chieftain sitting neglected in a junkyard. I think he paid $100 for that bike. He spent years working on restoring that bike to her former glory. I was 10 when he finished her and I demanded to ride on the back with him to the bike show where he first showed her off." “My dad passed when I was 17. I’ve been in to cars and motorcycles ever since he brought home that 29 Chieftain. Had grease under my fingernails since I left home"

“What is it that makes Fallen Angel different from your corner garage?” "Well unlike a standard repair shop, we make alterations to cars to customize them as it were, make them unique to the owner. Like take the 427 over there, the only really customization is the big spoiler, where as the Nissan 280z on the lift, has been extensively customized. We don't really do just repairs either. What we do can be more extensive, from full body repair to engine replacement and popping in custom elements along the way.” "I don’t see the mechanics, who does your work?" She quickly points out that she was actually doing work on the Nissan when I came in. "That would be me. I have a knack for taking things apart and putting them back together. " “So, it’s just you then. Don’t you think you might need some help?” "Well not yet. I mean do have staff. I have an office worker who tracks down cars that need love, and another that works in the off site warehouse tracking down parts as the need arises, but the work here in the shops is pretty much all me at the moment. I’m sure as we take off, I will hire others." “You have delayed your Grand Opening, but are open for business. What is the best way to get for a potential client to reach you? Are there set hours you are available?” "Calling would be best, to make sure I am here to greet them, but if I am here when they bring their car by, I won't turn them away.” So if you are a car enthusiast, either sports car or muscle car, you might want to visit Nat at Fallen Angel and see what she can do for your ride or just have some shop talk over a cup of coffee.

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