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Town Hall ends in Chaos

Mayor Roisin Russo held her first Town Hall last night, Thursday, June 25th. It was attended by over a dozen citizens wanting to hear more about her plans for the city, but it ended in chaos.

Mayor Russo opened the meeting by talking about her proposal to have SRV Studios create a documentary about Santa Ramona Valley.

She indicated that nothing had been settled but it was her vision that the documentary focus on the history and heritage of Santa Ramona, not necessarily its businesses. She doesn't want to see the documentary become an advertisement for area businesses. She also indicated that she didn't have a price point for cost of the documentary but that she felt the city should cover the majority of it along with donations.

The mayor indicated she feels the documentary could be played at prime time several times and that it should draw in tourists which will produce a return on the investment. Joseph Styles, owner of The Boiler Room offered to donate $10,000 to the documentary. Mayor Russo was amendable and stated that they'd discuss it further.

Another question was asked by someone the mayor referred to as Miss Raveloe, "Will this project be exclusive to the broadcast studio, or will it be open to the community to participate in?" Mayor Russo responded that, "well I am open to any and all Ideas and suggestions, nothing is set in stone as of yet. "

Next the Sheriff asked a question but she was quick to point out that she was off duty and was speaking as a citizen, not as the Sheriff. She asked if the mayor had any other proposals for the community to discuss or if it was just this documentary. She indicated that Mayor Russo had made many promises and her time in office was short. The mayor indicated that the documentary was her only proposal so far but she wanted to talk to others to work on more of her campaign promises.

From that point, the meeting descended into chaos. The mayor's adult son accused this reporter of assaulting him. Given that I've never even meet him the accusations seemed to be a little far fetched.If the shouting mayor's son wasn't enough, Kilo Montago, boyfriend of former mayor Chiara Villanova, entered the room in his wheelchair, wearing nothing more than a single boot. He seemed to be muttering and very confused. He then assaulted two women before the Sheriff and Chiara Villanova intervened.

The mayor ended the meeting and the Sheriff's Department escorted people out of the room. There hasn't been this kind of chaotic Town Hall in a long time. Is it the result of these blackouts that seem to be spreading or is this indicative of a deeper problem in Santa Ramona Valley?