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Fantasy-tastic Cleaning! Your Fantasy, My Cleaning!

****************Fantasy-tastic Cleaning!*************** ***************Your Fantasy, My Cleaning!************* Men, have you ever wanted a spic-and-span home, and don't have a woman in your life to lend that fine, feminine, detailed touch to clean? Have you ever wanted a clean home, and not have to deal with the messy arguments that might come of your girlfriend not wanting to clean up after you? Husbands! Have you been charged with cleaning the house by your wife, and you find the job just impossible to perform to her high standards? Then hire Fantasy-tastic Cleaning! We'll clean your home, like only a woman can, and we'll wear a costume to help you enjoy it! Ever wanted a French Maid to clean your kitchen? May Oui! Ever wanted a Superheroine to defeat those dirty kitchen counters? Kapow! It is done! Ever wanted that sexy secretary to clean your office, and not accuse you of sexual harassment? Just send an e-mail! Want a new bride to make the bed and ready the bedroom for a night of passion? Say 'I do!' Ever lusted to see a Playboy Model in lingerie mopping and vacuuming the floor? Look to the yellow pages! Need a pretty-smelling plumber to clean those pipes? She'll drain that blockage with a smile! You pick the fantasy, we'll pick the costume, and let the cleaning commence! Just text 619-555-4321, or send an email to Fantasyclean@SRV.Cln! Ask for Mrs. Suzi Quan.

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