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Suspect arrested for Manny Moore stabbing!

Manny Moore

The Sheriff’s Department have arrested a suspect for the stabbing of Manny Moore, the unsuccessful candidate in the recent Mayoral election. Moore was stabbed three weeks ago, during the campaign. He declined to give statement about the attack to the Sheriff’s Department, but claimed, in an interview with the Chronicles, following his release from hospital, that he believed the incident was a case of mistaken identity. The Chronicles has, however, received information since we published this statement, that suggests that he was, in fact, the intended victim and that the assailant was known to him. Santa Ramona’s Under Sheriff Brentt has told the Chronicles, commenting on the attack, that he believes “there is a good deal more to it than appears”. It appears, from information given to the Chronicles, that Moore and a female companion had arranged to meet with a third party, and that the attack took place while they were talking. Both Moore and his companion were hospitalized as a result. Joseph Styles, owner of the Boiler Room, was one of the first to come to the crime scene. He heard someone yelling, demanding that an ambulance be called. He ran to the Boardwalk to see Moore and his female companion on the ground and the third person, the one that Moore had intended to meet, getting to his fee