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Mayor Roisin Russo is inaugurated

On Friday June 12, Roisin Russo was sworn in as the new mayor of Santa Ramona Valley. To begin her term she gave a passionate speech about public service, which we have included for those who missed the event. After the speech, the Chronicle asked her about her plans for taking action against drug related crimes. She mentioned that she wanted to get people into drug rehab programs and to crack down harder on dealers. She plans to talk to the SD and PD about what can be done about the drug problem. We tried to get more specifics about her plans to crack down on drugs. Was she talking about forcing people into drug rehab, creating new laws against using drugs, or harsher sentences for drug crimes? The mayor indicated that she needed to talk to the Sheriff's Office, the Police Department and the courts to get a better idea of what plans would work to address the problem. The last mayor that tried to address the rampant crime in Santa Ramona Valley was Chiara Villanova. She and the Sheriff's Department submitted proposals to cut down on gun violence. The proposals would have given stiffer sentences to those who committed gun crimes and would have given law enforcement the ability to remove guns from those suspected of being a threat to others. Ms. Villanova, Sheriff and Undersheriff received threats of violence. Will that happen again or do the citizens of Santa Ramona Valley care only about their gun rights? Time will tell. Roisin Russo's Inauguration Speech "Ladies and Gentlemen. It’s an absolute honor and a joy to be elected as Mayor of this wonderful city of Santa Ramona. I think it’s fitting that we meet today at of one of our community’s most historic buildings. Today as I stand before you I say this. What we in Santa Ramona have demonstrated is that in our public life today, we need less angry noise, we need less nonconstructive fanfare and less contention for contention sake. We need more common sense, we need more employment that is easier to access, more community involvement with cleaning up the city and green city projects, more action against drugs and the related crimes on the street. And more than anything we need to speak the truth, work hard, stay faithful to our fundamental beliefs as Americans, and we need to recognize that while we’re each responsible for our own actions, we are part of a community and without cooperation and the willingness to work together, we won’t accomplish what we need to accomplish. "The future of Santa Ramona begins today and you, our citizens have given me the honor and privilege to lead the city into that future. I ask all our citizens to take renewed pride in their city and look for ways they can contribute to its quality of life. Volunteer to help beautify our city, to clean up litter, to work on our parks and trails, to mentor our youth, assist the elderly, and support the arts. Consider becoming a volunteer with a non-profit organization. There are unlimited opportunities to become involved in making Santa Ramona an even better place to live, work and play. And I ask all employees of the City of Santa Ramona Valley and its Utilities to rededicate yourselves to your public service commitment. Endeavor each day to carry out your responsibilities and duties effectively, enthusiastically and always with the public interest in mind. "Our city needs us. We have a job to do. I truly believe that. And I am ready. to clean up this city, not only for us but our children and all the generations to come. We have a big job ahead of us, but together we can rise to the challenge. And lastly today, I ask all our citizens to join me in embracing our enduring challenge as citizens of Santa Ramona to continue to build a city that matches our scenery, a beautiful city. Thank you and may God continue to bless us"

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