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Roisin Russo is the new Mayor!

Roisin Russo has been elected Mayor of Santa Ramona Valley by a two-to-one majority over her opponent, Manny Moore.

Miss Russo said “I am delighted. It’s an honor and a joy to be elected as Mayor of this wonderful city of Santa Ramona, by so many people who care so passionately about our city.

“In my campaign I promised that 'We expect more, and we demand more. Think of the Future.' and more is exactly what I will deliver. More employment that is easier to access. More community involvement with cleaning up the city and green city projects. More action against drugs and the related crimes on the street.

“Our city needs us. We have a job to do. I truly believe that. And I am ready. To clean up this city and think of the future, for us, our children and all the generations to come. We have a big job ahead of us, but together we can rise to the challenge.”

Miss Russo also thanked her opponent for the good campaign.

Manny Moore congratulated her on her victory, saying “She will serve our city well and with dignity. We must unite around her and wish all the best for our city and of course stand proud to utter the words Madam Mayor once more.”

We asked Professor Siobhan O’Carolan of UCLA, who has been following the election, for her comments. She pointed out that Manny Moore must be disappointed at achieving a lower vote than last time, when he lost to Dimitri Rousseau, but that his absence from the race for a week due being hospitalized might have made a difference.

On the other hand, she noted that Roisin Russo ran a very active campaign, with a big city center rally. So, Professor O’Carolan suggested, she must have been the favorite to win.

There were additionally write in votes for Angel Russo and James McDuty. Roisin Russo gained over sixty percent of the votes cast.

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