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Meet the Candidate: Manny Moore

Manny Moore is a local business man, the owner and manager of popular restaurant Vesuvios. He's running for mayor because he feels Santa Ramona has done a great deal for him and he wants to give back to his community. He describes himself as a family man. "I love my family above all. And I am sure they do the same with me." When pressed to define how a family man is relevant to the position of Mayor he expounded further, "What I mean by that is being dedicated to family is a passion in itself as I am sure we all agree. I fight for them, I may not be perfect, but I do fight for them and I try my best and give my all, to make sure hey have everything they need. Santa Ramona needs to know they have someone in that corner office in City Hall that will fight for them and them alone. They are top priority." This isn't his first time running for mayor here. He ran last term when he was new to Santa Ramona. Asked what he's learned about our city that makes this time different he talked about how much potential he feels the city has to offer. He recognizes there are disparities between the north and south but that there are ways to make things more equitable between the two halves of our city. He said, "I have learned that everyone wants the same thing. Deep down. We want the right to say I can do anything, be anything in this city." During the debates and even during the interview he talked about equity. When asked to explain more about how he'd make things more equitable he talked more about how grants can be used to provide assistance to emergency services, but he said equity is also about simple respect. "Our quaint, but strong city can deliver an equal society for all in terms of basic respect for everyone." He also pointed out that his idea of bringing an airport or train station to the city would also be another way to provide equity. Currently the highway is yet another way that divides our city. An airport would bring tourists to both sides of the city and would not be so visibly dividing. (It should be noted that this article is late coming out because Mr. Moore was stabbed last week and spent several days in the hospital. Despite his injuries he feels blessed to be alive and running for mayor. Asked if his attack was because of his candidacy he said it had nothing to do with it. He believes it was a case of mistaken identity. He then directed all other questions about his attack to the Sheriff's Office.

An interview with the other candidate, Roisin Russo, was published on May 29th. The original third candidate, Lillian Llewellyn, has withdrawn.)

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