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Drug mules found dead on beach

The bodies of two men, believed to be drug mules, have been found, on two separate days, on the beach in Santa Ramona. Both had died of drug overdoses with drugs found in their stomachs. One has been identified as Roger Bledshoe, of Los Angeles, who has a police record for drug-related offenses. Beside his body was found a baggie (pictured above) and what the police describe as “drugs paraphernalia”. Bledshoe’s body was discovered on May 31st. The other man, found two days earlier, on the 29th, has not been identified. The Sheriff’s Department believes that these deaths are evidence of a low-level drug dealer operating out of Santa Ramona Valley. They would like to warn the community of this and ask for any information readers might have about this. A drug mule is a person who smuggles drugs across the border into the US for a dealer by carrying them in a baggie in their stomach. The Sheriff’s Department is at pains to point out that this is a highly dangerous thing to do, and warns strongly against doing it. If you have seen a baggie such as the one pictured, please contact the Sheriff’s Department immediately.

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