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Mayoral candidate stabbed?

It is believed that mayoral candidate Manny Moore may be in hospital after being stabbed. Sheriff Jade Ramirez has confirmed to the Chronicles in an interview that her department was investigating a stabbing incident on Friday involving two victims. She refused to identify their names, but said that the Sheriff’s Department was investigating. However, a source from within the Santa Ramona General Hospital said that a man resembling Manny Moore was brought into the hospital having been stabbed. The identity of the second victim is still not known. Manny Moore is running for mayor for the second time, having come a close second to Dimitri Rousseau in the last election. It is not known whether the stabbing has anything to do with his candidature. However, this may be the second attempted murder of a politician in Santa Ramona this year, following the shooting of then-Governor Jay Stone last February. Because of this, the Chronicles is taking steps to minimize the information we publish that may be of use to terrorists and those who may wish harm to political figures. No member of the Electoral Commission was available to say whether this will affect the timing of the election, ready delayed because of technical problems.

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