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SRSD Brunch & Self Defense Demonstration

On Sunday May 17th, Santa Ramona's Sheriff Department hosted a brunch and demonstrated several self defense techniques as part of their "Make the Call" campaign to end sexual violence. They had a very good turn out with many women and several men learning how to protect themselves.

The Sheriff's Department shared the following tips about self defense.

* Get Loud- Don't be afraid to scream when approached by an attacker. Don't just scream though, yell "Help. Call 911."

* Be prepared with your keys and phone in hand when you leave your house, your business, or while out and about.

* Use your keys as a weapon. Put the keys through your fisted hand, with the sharp key part sticking out between your fingers. If someone is coming at you, use a hammer strike, which is fancy way of saying punch them in the throat, nose, or eyes.

* If someone grabs you from behind, use the keys as before, but slam the keys into their thigh or knee. Once the attackers arms give you some slack to pull your arms free, use an elbow strike to the head or throat, using the bony part of the elbow to cause the most damage. Follow up with a kick to their knee, groin or head.

The Sheriff also shared that if you are not confident about fighting back then follow some important safety tips:

Stay in well lit public areas. Don't avoid crowds. If scared, go into a nearby business.

Call the police. Even if you can't be sure someone is following you, don't take the chance.

Carry protection like pepper spray, a personal alarm, or a lipstick tazer. Just make sure you get proper training before employing any of these self defense tools.