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Jade Aura Vertilo

Jade Aura Vertilo passed away suddenly in Santa Ramona Valley after an undisclosed illness.

A one time NYFD Firefighter transferred to Santa Ramona Fire Department while running the wildly successful Tito's Pizza. There are few that lived in Santa Ramona Valley that did not remember the excitement of Tuesdays with Topless Tito's Tuesdays on the Full Moon Beach before an earthquake took the establishment away. Jade moved on to run Alley Cats and introduced the city to Amateur Night and other exciting and fun events. Jade was most recently an associate at The Boiler Room and in business with good friend Joseph Styles.

While Jade did have some run ins with our Santa Ramona Sheriff's Department, more than any other person, she still maintained a reputation of being friendly, welcoming and always positive. Jade was one of the most likeable people most had met in Santa Ramona Valley.

Jade is survived by many friends that felt as close to her as family. It would be easy to say that if you met Jade, you probably are among that list, everyone was her friend.

There will be a memorial service for Jade on Sunday May 24th at 1 PM at the beach in front of her home. In honor of Jade and her sense of style, we are asking that all in attendance wear beachwear or go topless in honor of this very special person that meant a great deal to so many of us. A luau will follow the memorial.

In lieu of flowers we believe that Jade would have like donations made to Santa Ramona Valley Fire Department that she served with pride for some time.

((This is an IC event, though we encourage anyone and everyone during the event to use OOC chat to speak about Jade or share any memories. For those that did not get the notice sent by the staff here, the player of Jade Aura Vertilo, Jordan Price, Zoey Piers passed away due to a real life illness. She was a fixture and good friend here at Santa Ramona Valley and we wished to pay tribute to her in the game she loved to spend her time in.))