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Missing person: Grace Kelly

Santa Ramona Sheriff’s Department are looking for a missing woman, Grace Kelly, aged 24 with reddish brown and blue eyes.

A recent photo of Grace Kelly.

She is from Anyplace, WA and was visiting California with a friend. Her friend said they heard of a party in Santa Ramona Valley. Grace went out early on Wednesday morning from the hotel where they were staying and never returned. She had been checking in with her parents ever day, but she didn’t do so that day.

The friend contacted the parents when Grace did not return that morning. They waited twenty-four hours without hearing from her. Her parents then contacted the PD in Anyplace, who contacted the Santa Ramona Sheriff’s department at around five thirty on Friday morning.

Anyone who has any information about Grace’s current whereabouts or her movements since Wednesday morning, or has seen her, please contact the Santa Ramona Sheriff’s Department.


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