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SD make headway in murder case

The Sheriff’s Department say they are making headway in the Jenny Johannson homicide case.

This last week a woman pleaded guilty to Aiding and Abetting and other charges in connection with the homicide. The courts and the SD are not releasing her name at this time in order to protect a minor who might otherwise be identified.

The woman made no statement in court, although she has made a statement to the SD. This information is not being made public in order to keep the identity of the minor secret.

The Sheriff’s Department are still searching for Blake Larcen in connection with the homicide.. They do not yet have a full description of him, but they believe him to be very tall, with large feet, and his teeth have been filed down to be razor sharp.

Another man, who is believed also to be connected with the homicide, has been in touch with the SD and has made an appointment to speak to them. There is, additionally, a third person they are seeking, as yet unidentified. This third person may be a man or a woman, but they have no further information as yet about him or her.

Jenny Johannson, originally from Santa Fe, New Mexico, was brutally murdered last March and her body cut up. The SD believe that the murder took place in a trailer on Nickle Street. Ms Johannson had her neck bitten open and her head was then stamped on several times. She was decapitated and her arms and legs severed from her torso. The parts was placed in garbage bags which were then left at various locations around the city.

Three of the garbage bags were found by the Sheriff’s Department and the fourth by a member of the public.

The SD believe the murder to have taken place in the afternoon or evening of March 11th. Ms Johannson may have been involved in prostitution, and the SD speculate that this may have some connection with her death.

If you have any information at all about this crime, or about any of the individuals the SD is seeking, please get in touch as soon as possible with the Sheriff’s Department.

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