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Fire Guts Santa Ramona Warehouse – Arson suspected.

A four-alarm fire erupted at a commercial building in Santa Ramona’s Warehouse District in the 70th block of Saturn Dock Street in the early morning hours of Friday April 24th. Firefighters battled large flames in the two-story building that quickly spread to the roof and engulfed the aged structure even as their hoses and valiant efforts were trying to subdue the blaze. Officials said a passer-by reported the fire at about 2 a.m. Santa Ramona Firefighters were able to prevent the flames from spreading to the rest of the block, but the interior of Coastal Shipping warehouse and the elevated office area were completely destroyed by the flames. It was reported that the roof collapsed on half a dozen high-end sports cars preparing to ship overseas for the Pacific Rim Rally event the very next day.

Silvio Garza, the owner of Coastal Shipping had this to say: “Coastal Shipping is deeply saddened by loss of property that occurred by the blaze, but we want our customers to know that our insurance will be covering the cost of a full replacement for each of your vehicles. The SRFD’s response was amazing and we are just humbled that there were no injuries or loss of life caused by this horrible event. Our team have been trying to recover the VIN numbers of the vehicles to expedite our insurance claim but the temperature of the blaze and the collapsing roof have made accurately identifying the vehicles very difficult, but rest assured no effort will be spared to work to replace our customer’s property. We thank everyone for their well-wishes and patience during this tragic event.”

Due to the rate of speed the fire engulfed the building, the cause of the fire is under investigation by the SRFD.