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Press Release From Mayor's Office

Mayor Dimitri Rousseau announced to the press this week that two of his campaign proposals that were being reviewed by the State Panel have been approved.

"Lower taxes for businesses who start up here, investing in commercial and retail space as well as for businesses who exist already are now in place and tax cuts for property owners who invest in one or more properties here in the city of Santa Ramona have been approved by the State panel, we are glad to say." Mayor Dimitri Rousseau stated and added,

"Rent cap as a measure of controlling rental prices from increasing have also been approved. The rent cap will be at 5% so landlords cannot increase rental fees beyond this rate and this will also prevent landlords from exploiting their tenants and also lower the rate of homelessness by preventing exorbitant fees."

The State panel issued the following comments: "A 2% Small Business Tax Cut has been approved, these taxes are cut from the profit base of all current and registered businesses in the counties of Santa Ramona Valley. This brings small business taxes to 6.65% flat tax on income from 8.65%.

A rent cap of 5% has been set into law for the effected counties of Santa Ramona Valley and Southside Santa Ramona Valley, heretofore known as Assembly Bill 2020. This law protects renters for the next 10 years against 5% past inflation per year.

Santa Ramona Valley and Southside counties are the only two affected by this change. The rent cap provision shall only last for 10 years at which point the panel will review the economic effects. Therefore it is advised for the Mayor's office to hire an individual responsible for the statistical information of this law."

The Mayor also revealed a new proposal up for review which was Crisis Intervention training for first responders, involving the SRSD, SRPD and SRFD as well as a voluntary rota basis for Officers in the SRSD and SRPD to participate in with Gateway House, the Mayor's previous proposal which saw a halfway house established in the South side earlier this year, run by Mrs Alexia Rousseau.

These initiatives are also a good way for law enforcement Officers to be considered for promotion as the Mayor detailed.

"I have approached the Chief of Police of the South side precinct, Chief Jay Stone about collaborating in an initiative which will train and equip first responders with Crisis Intervention skill set. This will involve the mental health specialists in the South side clinics workin closely with first responders to equip them with better awareness of the mentally ill, their issues, treatments and potential problems. This will ensure that Officers and EMS can better their approaches to such individuals in the city, particularly in South side where there are some mentally ill individuals residn' there. We are looking at spendin' $3000 to train First Responders in Crisis Intervention. The Gateway House, a halfway home established for preparing the re-integration of criminal offenders into society will also see a boost we hope, by incorporating the Officers of the SRPD and SRSD to spend time there assisting with drug tests, probation supervision, counseling participants of programs there in attempts to re-induct them into society. This will be conducted on a voluntary rota basis with the time and commitment spent by Officers being noted on their resumes and that will carry forward with those who participate in both initiatives to be considered for promotions with added interest seein' as those who are willing to spend time bettering themselves through training are the types of Officers we want to see out on the streets, those dedicated to self improvement and progress." The Mayor concluded.

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