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A wave of crimes solved?

The Sheriff’s Department have announced they believe that they have solved a wave of crimes in Santa Ramona Valley.

They believe that three separate incidents — the fire at the Rousseau vigil and the associated murder of farmer Mac McCreedy, the attempted assassination of Governor Jay Stone, and the attempted kidnapping a week ago of a number of women and the shooting dead of the two men attempting this — were perpetrated by the same two men.

The two men the Sheriff’s Department believe to be responsible for all three incidents were named as Santiago Phillips and Lazaro Ignacio Vasquez. Both were shot dead in the last of these incidents. Until recently the two were the owners of the Alley Cats club on Shady Street, in Southside.

This dramatic announcement was made in a statement made by Under-Sheriff Azariah Brentt at a press conference earlier today.

The fire last November take place in a cornfield where a crowd of people had gathered in a vigil for the children of our present mayor, Dimitri Rousseau, who had been kidnapped.

The Fire Department became convinced directly after the fire that it was an arson attack, deliberately started, after they found broken glass from what they believe were the remains of the incendiary devices used to start the fire. Fingerprints were retrieved from these pieces of glass, but unfortunately, these fingerprints did not match any in the police database.

The farmer, Mac McCreedy, who owned the field where the vigil for the Rousseau children was being held, was later found shot in the head and was pronounced dead at the scene. A man was seen leaving the scene on a motorbike. The police gave chase, but he was able to evade them.

This crime was linked to last week’s kidnapping when the fingerprints of the two dead men was found to match those on the broken glass in Mac McCreedy’s cornfield.

And DNA taken from the men during the autopsies led the police to the suspicion that they were responsible for the drive-by shooting and running over of Governor Jay Stone in February.

Under Sheriff Brentt said that the two men were not shot by the Sheriff’s Department but by others. He wouldn’t elaborate as this is an ongoing investigation.

A search of Alley Cats, under a warrant issued on the back of the kidnappings and shootings, was unable to find anything relating to the arson and murder in November or the assassination attempt in February. The Sheriff’s Department have no theory as to the motive behind these earlier incidents.

Under-Sheriff Brentt reminded the press conference that, in America, people are assumed to be innocent until they are proven guilty in a court of law. Because the two men cannot be tried, people are free to make up their own minds.

Note: This article was amended on May 15, 2020 to clarify that the Fire Department determined that the blaze at the vigil was arson.