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Full moon brings out the loonies!

The Full Moon on April 7th, Tuesday, brought out the loonies. On my late night stroll on Menice beach I noticed an odd smell. As I followed it, I saw two people engaging in what looked like some weird Full Moon ritual of sorts. I recognized both individuals, one of which is a local celebrity/fitness Guru. Yes, I'm talking about Ms. Fawnie Dimple.

Ms. Dimple was joined by the manager of Tip Top Grocery and Convenience store in south side, Bunni Crisman. The blonde seemed to be the one leading it. Though I'm shocked by Ms. Dimple's presence, Ms Crisman's involvement didnt elicit the same response. That woman always struck me as a weirdo and I'm sure others who have encountered the overly tattooed and ill-mannered blonde can say the same. I think these ladies may have watched binged watched "The Craft" or reruns of "American Horror Story: Coven" one too many times! Yikes!